The Arts

Course Descriptions:

Art I:   This class is an introduction to basic art concepts and materials.  Art skills as well as creativity will be emphasized.  Various materials such as pencil, pen and ink, acrylics and water color, painting, clay and printing will be explored.  The student will be required to participate in the annual fundraiser/art show “Celebration of the Arts.”

Art II:  Students will learn various drawing techniques throughout the year.   The media introduced will include graphite, charcoal, colored pencils and pastel.  The student will learn still life, landscape, and positive/negative graphic design techniques.  The student will also be introduced to calligraphy and how type is used in drawing.  The student will be required to participate in the annual fundraiser/art show “Celebration of the Arts.”

Graphic Arts:  This course is an advanced art course to learn the basic technology skills such as computers, software, scanner and digital cameras while focusing on project-based activities to create and explore art.   State of the art computers will be used with Adobe Photoshop 7.0 software.  The student will be required to participate in the annual fundraiser/ art show “Celebration of the Arts.”

Fine Arts Survey:  This course is designed to familiarize students with styles, media, terms and artists associated with the development of western art and culture.  The major movements and styles from ancient Egypt to the present are examined with special emphasis on the visual arts, architecture, theater, and music.  The goal of this study is to promote an appreciation for the arts and to provide a basis for independent art criticism. 

Advanced Placement Studio Art:
  The AP Portfolio program enables highly motivated students to do college-level work while still in high school.  The AP Portfolio is not based on a written examination; however, one section of the portfolio requires extensive research and documentation.  AP work involves significantly more time and commitment; therefore, it is intended for students who are seriously committed to studying art.  Upon completion of the course student can submit a portfolio for review and evaluation to earn college credit. 

Wind Ensemble:  
This course is for students in grades 8th-12th with previous brass and/or woodwind instrument experience and wish to continue their musical education.  Topics covered include 20th century wind band literature, period music, group performance, major and minor scales, and individual performance.  This course requires time outside of class for practice and performances including but not limited to local festivals and competitions.  The fall semester also requires football games both home and away that are required.

Chorus: This is a yearlong course open to all 7th-12th grades.  This course focuses on music fundamentals, proper vocal technique, sight-reading, music terminology and notation, and musicianship.   Music of various styles and historical periods is rehearsed and performed.  Students are required to participate in multiple performance opportunities throughout the school year. 

Guitar:  Students must own a guitar approved by the teacher or be prepared to purchase one for no more than $125.00.  This course will teach essential guitar technique, note-reading, basic music theory and composition.  No prior music experience is necessary.