High School

The Christian Life Academy Senior High division serves students in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12. Our high school course requirements are based on the Louisiana Board of Regents college preparatory curriculum and the Louisiana core four. All high school students are required to take four units of each core subject as well as four units of Bible, two units of foreign language and other required courses. High school students at Christian Life Academy must take the courses which qualify them for the Louisiana TOPS scholarship and admission to Louisiana State University. Within this course requirement, students have the option to follow one of three tracks of study: college preparatory track, honors track or advanced placement track. All three tracks provide students with the aforementioned scholarship and college entrance requirements.

Our high school students distinguish themselves annually through their excellent academic achievements. 100% of the Class of 2009 are continuing their formal education at the university level having earned a combined total of $1.6 million dollars in college scholarships. Our students earn and maintain an average ACT score that is consistently above the state and national average. This has earned Christian Life Academy the ACT College Readiness Award from the Louisiana ACT Council for the last two years – the only school in Baton Rouge to earn this prestigious award in 2009. Each year, our students start their college education with advanced standing and college credit earned through our Advanced Placement program.

Students in the high school division have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities. As a member of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association, our school provides the opportunity for students to excel in both individual and team sports. We have earned state championship status in girls’ basketball, boys’ basketball, and baseball as well as state recognition in football.

Our students represent Christian Life Academy in a variety of clubs and service organizations. The Student Council plans and executes numerous social and school spirit activities throughout the school year. Additionally, our students will be found traveling to Europe, the east coast or Washington D.C. each year for educational and cultural experience.

Following the servant example of Christ, our students perform a prescribed number of community service hours each school year. A major component of our emphasis on servant hood is through foreign missions. Our students raise thousands of dollars each year to contribute to mission work or to finance mission trips for themselves or fellow students. Annual mission trips to places such as Mexico, Romania, Russia, Haiti, Peru, and Vietnam, have provided our students with experiences of a lifetime. Chapel services, retreats, Bible studies and cell groups provide instruction, relationship, and opportunities for spiritual growth in the lives of our high school students.

Our Fine Arts Department has gained both local and national recognition. Several Christian Life Academy students are distinguished each year in local art competitions and exhibits. Our vocal and instrumental programs have earned top honors in national competitions. Each spring, our fine arts department works collaboratively to produce a musical in the Broadway tradition. These productions display the talents of many students and are highly anticipated each year.

The High School falls under the administrative leadership of secondary principal Rick Sullivan.