Coke Rewards

For over 80 years, Coca-Cola has been supporting schools and providing resources that help create exciting opportunities for students. The My Coke Rewards for Schools program refreshes this longstanding commitment by enabling your community to support all the ways kids play and make great things happen for your school. You can donate My Coke Rewards points to eligible accredited schools grades K-12, and help them get things like athletic equipment, classroom supplies, learning aids and more.

By the end of 2011, CLA had collected over 18,000 points to be spent at the Coke Rewards store. We were able to purchase over $400 worth of PE equipment for Coach Yowell to use with her elementary and middle school students. The kids will now be able to play lots of new games inside and outside with our new parachute, bean bags, and variety of balls.

Please continue to send in your Coke bottle caps. Who knows what we'll be able to purchase next?