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Campbell's Labels for Education   

For more than 30 years, Labels for Education has been awarding free educational equipment to schools in exchange for proofs of purchase from the Campbell family of brands. It’s a fun, easy program where CLA students, families and members of the community can work together for a common goal. Learn how you can help your school earn points to redeem for free merchandise!

Just follow these guidelines when preparing your submission. Labels should be sent to school with your student and given to a teacher.

For your convenience, ONLY UPCs or caps may be submitted for redemption.Clip & save UPCs & caps from participating Labels for EducationSM Brands products. To see which UPC codes and caps are worth 5 points, click here.


Separate the following groups:

UPCs worth 1 point each / UPCs worth 5 points each / Beverage Caps /
Bonus Certificates

UPCs: Place UPCs ONLY in either a paper lunch bag or envelope. Remember to keep 1- and 5-point UPCs separate. Write the quantity of UPCs and the point value on the paper lunch bag or envelope. Note: Please do not use staples or excessive amounts of tape when preparing your UPC submissions, as these materials are not recyclable.

Beverage Caps: Group in quantities of no more than 100. The beverage caps should be counted and placed in sealed clear plastic bags or paper lunch bags. Write total quantity and total point value of beverage caps on outside of clear plastic bags or paper lunch bags.

Bonus Certificates: Place in paper lunch bags or envelopes and mark “Bonus Certificates.” Write total quantity and total point value of Bonus Certificates on each paper lunch bag or envelope. Pack in first box and label Box #1.

Note: Bonus Certificates must be received prior to listed expiration date. Do not mail Bonus Certificates separately.

Campbell's Labels for EducationSM Cookbook Promotion

ANNOUNCING a powerful new program that offers your school supporters great Campbell's® cookbooks that yield big LFE point credits! Supporters can choose from a wide array of Campbell's cookbooks that contain ample family-pleasing, quick and easy recipes. Each cookbook purchased is worth 125 LFE points to your school's account.

Click here for more details.